TOP Webinar 8, Dec. 17, 2020, Thursday, CET 16:00-17:30

We are pleased to announce the program of the 8th Top Webinar, which is scheduled for 17th December, CET 16:00-17:30. Please register at this link. This event will also be livestreamed on YouTube with this permanent link.


Host: Shinji Nishiwaki (Kyoto University, Japan)

1 – Kazuhiro Izui, Kyoto University, Japan
Isogeometric topology optimization of anisotropic metamaterials for controlling high‐ frequency electromagnetic wave
Shinnosuke Nishi, Takayuki Yamada, Kazuhiro Izui (Kyoto University, Japan), Shinji Nishiwaki (Kyoto University, Japan), Kenjiro Terada
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (2020), 121 (6), 1218-1247

2 – Akihiro Takezawa, Waseda University, Japan
Sensitivity analysis and lattice density optimization for sequential inherent strain method used in additive manufacturing process
Akihiro Takezaw (Waseda University), Albert C. To, Qian Chen, Xuan Liang, Florian Dugast, Xiaopeng Zhang, Mitsuru Kitamura
Computer Method in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (2020), 370, 113231.

3 – Jeonghoon Yoo, Yonsei University, Korean
Single variable-based multi-material structural optimization considering interface behavior
Cheolwoong Kim, Hong Kyoung Seong, Il Yong Kim, Jeonghoon Yoo (Yonsei University)
Computer Method in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (2020), 367, 113114

4 – Martin-Pierre Schmidt, R&D SIMULIA, France
Structural topology optimization with smoothly varying fiber orientation
Martin-Pierre Schmidt (R&D SIMULIA), Laura Couret, Christian Gout, Claus B. W. Pedersen
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization volume (2020), 62, 3105–3126

5 – Renato Picelli, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Topology optimization of binary structures under design-dependent fluid-structure interaction loads
R. Picelli (University of São Paulo), S. Ranjbarzadeh, R. Sivapuram, R. S. Gioria, E. C. N. Silva
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization volume (2020), 62, 2101–2116

We are looking forward to meeting you online soon!

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