Large-scale and Efficient Topology Optimization Approaches, October 29, 2020

Large-scale and Efficient Topology Optimization Approaches

1st Thematic Session @ 6th TOP Webinar –

October 29, 2020, Thursday, CET* (UTC+1:00) 16:00-17:30.

We are pleased to announce the program for the first thematic session on Large-scale and efficient topology optimization (TO) approaches at the sixth edition of the TOP Webinar (, scheduled for October 29, 2020, Thursday, CET 16:00-17:30. The thematic session covers several sub-topics and we will hear of Large-scale TO using high performance computing, Large-scale TO using sparse grids, efficient TO in Matlab and how to treat hundreds of millions of local constraints. There will be plenty of time for Q&A after the presentations and we are looking forward to seeing all of you there!

* Please note this time in your time zone might be different from previous TOP Webinars, due to the transition from European daylight-saving time. For your reference, CET 16:00 on Oct 29th is 8:00 Los Angeles, 11:00 New York, 23:00 Beijing, 2:00 (+1) Sydney.

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Figure 1: Illustrations covering some of the results you can expect to learn more about at the 6th TOP Webinar.


Host: Niels Aage (Technical University of Denmark)

Dr. Boyan S. Lazarov on large-scale topology optimization using high performance computing: preconditioners. The presentation is based on Zambrano, M., Serrano, S., Lazarov, B. S. (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), & Galvis, J. (2020). Fast multiscale contrast independent preconditioners for linear elastic topology optimization problems. Retrieved from

Dr. Federico Ferrari on efficient and easily accessible Matlab code for topology optimization. The presentation is based on Ferrari, F. (John Hopkins University), & Sigmund, O. (2020). A new generation 99 line Matlab code for compliance topology optimization and its extension to 3D.Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 62(4), 2211–2228.

Mr. Yuanming Hu on single-computer giga-voxel topology optimization using a narrow-band sparse grid. The presentation is based on  Liu, H., Hu, Y. (CSAIL-MIT), Zhu, B., Matusik, W., & Sifakis, E. (2019). Narrow-band topology optimization on a sparsely populated grid. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 37(6), 1–14.

Dr. Gustavo da Silva on the augmented Lagrangian approach for hundreds of millions of constraints. The presentation is based on da Silva, G. A. (University of São Paulo), Aage, N., Beck, A. T., & Sigmund, O. (2020). Three‐dimensional manufacturing tolerant topology optimization with hundreds of millions of local stress constraints. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, online first.

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