Some adaptations of the webinar format

It has been five successful sessions! Thanks to our hosts, speakers, and participants (via Zoom or YouTube) all over the world. We have received valuable suggestions and comments, and are working on adapting the format.

  • In future sessions, all speakers have the same amount of time for presenting their work, i.e., 15 minutes, including a short Q&A. Previously it was 10 minutes. This extension could allow some elaboration on the idea, without going too much to the details. (We will no longer designate a keynote.)
  • We are launching thematic sessions, i.e., focusing on a specific (but broad) topic. The sessions alternate between thematic and general ones. The first thematic session is on Large-scale and efficient topology optimization approaches, scheduled for 29th Oct. Future topics include data-driven approaches, topology optimization for (advanced) manufacturing, multi-scale approaches, multi-physics problems, etc.

Finally, you may have noticed that slides from many speakers are available under ‘Past Webinars’. On this page, you also find links to video archives on YouTube and Bilibili. In the videos, chats before the official start are trimmed.

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