Topology Optimization of Flow-based Problems, Feb 23, 2021

We are pleased to announce the program of the 10th TOP Webinar, a thematic session on “Topology Optimization of Flow-based Problems”. It is scheduled for Feb 23, 2021, Tuesday. 16:00 – 17:30 pm CET.

Please register at this link.
This event will also be livestreamed on YouTube with this permanent link.

Joe Alexandersen, University of Southern Denmark

1. “3D topology optimization of heat sinks for liquid cooling” (15 min presentation + 5 min questions)
Sicheng Sun, Piotr Liebersbach, Xiaoping Qian – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Applied Thermal Engineering (2020)

2. “Three-dimensional topology optimization of thermal-fluid-structural problems for cooling system design” (15 min presentation + 5 min questions)
Minghao Yu, Shilun Ruan, Junfeng Gu, Mengke Ren, Zheng Li, Xinyu Wang & Changyu Shen – Dalian University of Technology
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2020)

3. “Topology optimization of two fluid heat exchangers” (15 min presentation + 5 min questions)
Lukas Christian Høghøj, Daniel Ruberg Nørhave, Joe Alexandersen, Ole Sigmund, Casper Schousboe Andreasen – Technical University of Denmark
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (2020)

4. “Body-fitted topology optimization of 2D and 3D fluid-to-fluid heat exchangers” (15 min presentation + 5 min questions)
Florian Feppon, Grégoire Allaire, Charles Dapogny, Pierre Jolivet – École Polytechnique
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (2021)

We are looking forward to meeting you online soon!

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