TOP Webinar 30: Multiscale Topology Optimization. April 23, 2024, CEST 16:00-17:00

We are pleased to announce the program of the 30th TOP Webinar, a thematic session on “Multiscale Topology Optimization”. It is scheduled for the 23rd of April 2024, 16:00-17:00 CEST (UTC+2) Time zone converter.
(As we switch to summer time in Europe since the end of March, the time difference to your local time zone might be different now.)

Following our new format, introduced in January, each webinar will revolve around a specific theme, comprising an educational/review paper (20 minutes) and two latest articles (10 minutes x 2) related to the same topic. The entire session will last for 1 hour.

Please register at this link. This event will also be live-streamed on YouTube with this permanent link.

Host: Jun Wu (TU Delft, Netherlands)

1 – Jun Wu, TU Delft, Netherlands
Jun Wu, Ole Sigmund, and Jeroen P. Groen. “Topology optimization of multi-scale structures: a review.” 
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 63 (2021): 1455-1480.

2 – Rebekka V. Woldseth, DTU Denmark
Rebekka V. Woldseth, J. Andreas Bærentzen, and Ole Sigmund. “Phasor noise for dehomogenisation in 2D multiscale topology optimisation.” Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 418 (2024): 116551.

3 – Xiaojia Shelly Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, US
Yingqi Jia, Ke Liu, and Xiaojia Shelly Zhang. “Topology optimization of irregular multiscale structures with tunable responses using a virtual growth rule.” Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 425 (2024): 116864.

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