Topology Optimization for Wave Propagation Problems. TOP Webinar 18, December 16, 2021, Thursday, CET 15:00-16:30

We are pleased to announce the program of the 18th TOP Webinar, a thematic session on “Topology Optimization for Wave Propagation Problems”. It is scheduled for 16th December, CET (UTC+1:00) 15:00-16:30*. Please register at this link. This event will also be livestreamed on YouTube with this permanent link.

*Please note this time in your time zone might be different from previous TOP Webinars. We have changed since November due to the transition from European daylight-saving time, and that we shift it by one hour to facilitate a large audience.

Host: Rasmus Ellebæk Christiansen (DTU Denmark)

1 – Eddie Wadbro (Karlstad University, Sweden)
Bokhari, A. H., Mousavi, A., Niu, B., & Wadbro, E. “Topology optimization of an acoustic diode?.” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 63(6), (2021): 2739-2749.

2 – Yuki Noguchi (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Noguchi, Y., Yamada, T. “Topology optimization for acoustic structures considering viscous and thermal boundary layers using a sequential linearized Navier-Stokes model”, (2021), arXiv:2108.06116 [cs.CE]

3 – Wenjie Yao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Yao, W., Verdugo, F., Christiansen, R. E., Johnson, S. G. “Trace formulation for photonic inverse design with incoherent sources.”, (2021), arXiv:2111.13046 [physics.optics]

4 – Alec Hammond (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Hammond, A. M., Oskooi, A., Johnson, S. G., & Ralph, S. E. “Photonic topology optimization with semiconductor-foundry design-rule constraints.” Optics Express, 29(15), (2021), 23916-23938.

5 – Oliver Giraldo-Londoño (University of Missouri, USA)
Giraldo-Londoño, O., Aguiló, M. A., Paulino, G. H. “Local stress constraints in topology optimization of structures subjected to arbitrary dynamic loads: a stress aggregation-free approach.”, Struct Multidisc Optim 64, (2021), 3287-3309.
Giraldo-Londoño, O., Paulino, G. H. “PolyDyna: a Matlab implementation for topology optimization of structures subjected to dynamic loads”, Struct Multidisc Optim 64, (2021), 957-990.

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